"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a pair of juttis"

Leather has been the oldest and most valuable discovery that humans have ever made. From being used as protection and shelter to being used as an indulgence, leather has played a significant role in both, utility and fashion. In antiquity, the leather was cut, sewn, and dyed for Indian warriors, all tailored by the hands of craftspersons. raëth interprets the Rajputana culture, sewn by our seasoned craftsmen to create something as eternal as sand.

We began our journey with the intention of bringing aesthetic leather to the progressive, trend-conscious market. Our artisans are the sixteenth generation of seasoned shoemakers who give supreme significance to the intricacies of the design. The leather is sundried as compared to heat pressing, retaining the authenticity of the conventional process. The leather passes through the hands of several time-served artisans and our careful eye, making each jutti distinctive.

At raëth, we represent the Indian practice of handcrafting. The juttis hold the essence of the traditional designs but can adorn our contemporary ensemble. Our products are created with love to instill a feeling of individuality; from our workshop, straight into your hands.